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Xiaomi Project Team of Wingtech Won The "Xiaomi Long-term Cooperation Award"


On June 11, leaders of Xiaomi visited The R&D center of Wingtech in Shanghai to attend the award ceremony of "Thank you for your company" and presented the "Xiaomi Long-term Cooperation Award" to the team members of The Xiaomi project of Wingtech. The award is to recognize the outstanding contributions and hard work made by the Xiaomi project team in project delivery and product quality over a long period of time.

Xiaomi leader's speech

The awards ceremony, Xiaomi leader's said, Wingtech is the oldest ODM company which Xiaomi has cooperated for the longest time, from the original Redmi 1 project, has been successfully mass producted Redmi Numbers and letters from 1 to 6 generations, Redmi go, Xiaomi CC9e etc., cumulative shipments exceeded 170 million units, the rapid development of Xiaomi due to the Wingtech team's hard work, thanks for Wingtech team’s company of the past 8 years. Wishing to continue our in-depth cooperation with Wingtech and make it better in the next 10 years.

Wingtech leader's speech


Wingtech CTO Gaoyan said, Wingtech cooperated with Xiaomi over eight years, has been more and more in-depth and understanding with each other, this award is the biggest affirmation to Wingtech team, thanks for your trust and supports, Wingtech will continue to serve Xiaomi well, provide more efficient and high-quality products and services.



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Xiaomi leaders presented trophies and took a group photo for Wingtech

5G is coming, our main business has expanded from communications business to semiconductor business. We have formed a huge industry layout from chip design, wafer manufacturing, semiconductor packaging test to IIoT, communication terminals, laptop, IoT, automotive electronics products R&D manufacturing. Wingtech will integrate the advantages of the two business segments, work with customers and partners to create greater value and infinite possibilities.