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News of Wingtech

A Fund with Initial Scale of 10 Billion Supports Wingtech Technology’s Industrial Chain



On October 18, the 5G communication and semiconductor industry fund jointly established by Guolian Group and Winsky Investment Co., Ltd. was signed. With an initial scale of 10 billion yuan, the fund will invest in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of Wingtech and Nexperia, strengthen the connection between Wingtech Nexperia and the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and establish a safe and innovative supply chain system.


Huang Qin, Wuxi party secretary; Jiang Min, vice mayor of Wuxi; Xu Ke, chairman of the board of directors of Guolian Group; Zhang Xuezheng, chairman of Winsky, Wingtech Technology and Nexperia semiconductor; chairman and CEO of more than 30 companies in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of Wingtech Nexperia, as well as leaders of relevant investment institutions, witnessed the signing.



According to reports, Wuxi has a strong industrial foundation. Both the communication industry related supply chain enterprises and the semiconductor wafer, assembly & test and equipment industry have formed a certain scale. Wingtech Technology and Nexperia semiconductors have accumulated considerable amount of research and development, production and manufacturing in 5G and semiconductor fields, and are still making large-scale investments. In particular, Wingtech’s R & D and manufactory in Wuxi has become an important 5G industrial base in the Yangtze River Delta. The signing of the contract is another important measure for the comprehensive strategic cooperation between Wingtech and Wuxi, ever since the project of Wingtech super smart Industrial Park was settled in Wuxi high tech Zone in August this year, which will inject new impetus into Wuxi to accelerate the development of integrated circuit and 5G industry and cultivate world-class industrial clusters.


The 5g communication and semiconductor industry fund jointly launched by Guolian Group and Winsky is a leading project in the country, integrating industrial capital and local industrial platforms. Relying on the capital and technology advantages of Wingtech Technology and Guolian Group in the semiconductor industry, the fund will focus on Wingtech technology and its supply chain, under the theme of "digital new infrastructure", and will also focus on 5G and semiconductor related enterprises that are in line with the national strategy, break through key technologies and have high market recognition. The two sides jointly set up an industry fund to invest in 5G and semiconductor industry, which can not only promote the innovation of industrial chain, help the development of Wuxi related industries, but also make positive contributions to the development of semiconductor industry in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country.