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News of Wingtech

Wingtech Nexperia made an excellent appearance at CIIE


On November 5th, at the third China International Import Expo held in Shanghai, Wingtech Nexperia, the world's leading high-capacity production expert in the field of basic semiconductor components was unveiled for the first time, showing how Nexperia uses innovative devices such as logic ICs, discrete devices, MOSFETs and GaN FETs to promote the development of all kinds of electronic designs in the world. 


At Wingtech Nexperia’s exhibition, business representatives from all over the country and suppliers and customers from the upstream and downstream of Wingtech Nexperia were visiting the exhibition one after another. They had a heated communication on the spot and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

At Qualcomm’s exhibition, a large number of 5G products developed by Wingtech Technology was displayed, including Snapdragon laptops, 5G CPE, 5G box, 5G communication modules, 5g routers, etc.


Nexperia leads the global market with its diversified, high-capacity product portfolio and industry-leading small package technology. Nexperia produces about 15000 products, with more than 800 new products launched every year.

As a promoter of future innovative technology, Nexperia exhibition stand is located in hall 4.1 (Booth No. 4.1 a4-002) of China International Import Expo.

With an area of up to 200 square meters, Nexperia exhibits the latest products and technologies in automotive, industrial, mobile, computer and consumer electronics fields. Meanwhile, it brings more interactive product experience to the audience through fascinating methods such as mobile touch screen, and showcases how we can help enable different terminals and applications in various fields.



Nexperia contributes to a number of automotive applications. About 270 products are used in different automotive applications, such as automotive and electric vehicle power systems, automotive DC motor control and on-board charger. Facing the rapid development of domestic electric vehicle market and the growing demand of customers for GaN devices, 650 V silicon-based GaN field-effect transistor devices are introduced to the audience. The new generation of GaN technology for automotive, 5G and data center applications, can run at high frequency, with higher breakdown voltage and greater current carrying capacity. Nexperia has applied 20 years of copper clip SMD packaging technology and CCPAK development on GaN series products, so that Nexperia's reliable high-performance technology paves the way for the innovation of high-voltage packaging.



With a proven product portfolio and lifetime reliability, Nexperia's industrial solutions will demonstrate how Nexperia can help deliver the innovation and productivity improvements needed for the fourth industrial revolution, including 5G infrastructure.



Mobile Communications

In the field of mobile communications, Nexperia has a profound understanding of why the mobile phone industry should integrate more functions into a smaller package size, while constantly promoting efficiency and performance. To this end, Nexperia presents industry-leading small packages to help meet the most challenging volume requirements.


Consumer Electronics

Nexperia offers a wide range of innovative products and applications for computer and consumer electronics, including products and applications for laptops, data centers, IoT, UAVs and family healthcare.



The third China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5th to 10th, 2020. Enterprises in pharmaceutical, medical equipment, dairy, cosmetics, high-end consumer goods, automobiles, construction machinery and other fields from the world's top 500 and industry leaders will actively participate in the exhibition.

Tour Guide

Exhibition Time:

09:00-18:00, November 5th – 10th, 2020

Exhibition Address:

4.1 a4-002, 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai