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News of Wingtech

Wingtech Running Group Continuously Running in Wuxi and Xi& #39;an Marathon


After last month's Wingtech Nexperia Shanghai 10 km Elite Race, under the leadership of the chairman of Wingtech Technology, the Wingtech running group competed in Wuxi Marathon (November 1) and Xi'an Marathon (November 8) respectively, leaving a hard-working silhouette from Wingtech in these two ancient cities.


2020 Beverly Wuxi Marathon

The event was held on the golden bank of Lihu lake. The rock bridge and the book of Jiangnan University were both telling a long-standing story. The organizing committee vigorously implemented the beautification and upgrading project along the track, added gonghuwan Wetland Park track, built the first marathon experience center in China, and showed the most dynamic and passionate Xima to the society.

2020 Xi'an (Rongchuang) Marathon

The event has three different types of marathons: full marathon, half marathon and joyful public run. The starting point of the track is located in Yongning gate. On the basis of retaining the classic route of ancient Chang'an city wall, bell tower, Qujiang lake, Dayan towers, Wingtech runners also enjoyed the modern landmark scenery such as Xi'an TV Tower and the city gate.

The athletes of Wingtech running group are in the same shirts. The "Wingtech red" on the track is vigorous and energetic. In the journey of this marathon, Wingtech running group not only gained a sense of individual achievement, but also sublimated the sports spirit and personal honor, casting this tenacity, composure and determination into daily work.

We believe that under the leadership of our chairman, Wingtech Technology will forge ahead to conquer the starry sea with the spirit of daring and loving!